Monday, March 25, 2013


What is Singreesi?
Singreesi is all about making typing in Sinhala easy. By using this, you can type Sinhala Unicode text just like you're typing an SMS. For example, if you want to type අම්මා, in Singreesi you would type: ammaa
The output text can be copied in a single click to your blog, etc

Singreesi is now available as an extension for Google Chrome!!!
Download Singreesi for Chrome!
Singreesi 1.8 is here, and it's free! Download it now!
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Uploaded on: 07/11/2009
What's new in 1.8?
  • Some major bug fixes including letters like හෘ and combinations like ක්තෝ
  • Minimize to system tray feature

Simple interface
Singreesi contains the simplest user interface imaginable. It takes almost no time to get used to it.
Copy sinhala text in a click
The new Copy Sinhala Text button allows you to copy the sinhala unicode text to the clipboard in a click, so you can paste them easily in your blog, word processing application, etc.
Type english text within sinhala text
You can easily insert English text within Sinhala text by enclosing the English text within pipes (vertical bar - |). For example, "sixgreesi |unicode| parivarthakaya" would give "සිංග්‍රීසි unicode පරිවර්තකය" as the output.
The new customization options allow you to change the font styles and sizes of both english and sinhala text and swap the english textbox to the top (as requested by the users).
Constantly improving
Singreesi is frequently updated according to the feedback given by its users. You can help in improving the features of the software. For more information, see the Feedback section.
Singreesi does not need installation. You can take it anywhere and use it just like a portable app.
Singreesi is always free of charge.


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